It is often difficult to find the services for FASD diagnosis and also follow-on treatment/therapies.

 Some families are actively discouraged from seeking a diagnosis – either due to lack of knowledge by some in the medical and educational communities, and also due to the stigma too often attached to a diagnosis.  FASD presents a complex profile and people often have many co-related conditions (there are more than 400 of them).  Without a diagnosis the underlying physical brain issues can often be overlooked or misunderstood.  Awareness and support for those with FASD in Hertfordshire is growing.  We seek to work cooperatively with all relevant structures to help create a more caring environment for people and families struggling for diagnosis and support.

This list is a work in progress we are developing at the request of our support group members.  Please send us information and help us develop this list further.  Inclusion or exclusion on this list is not intended as a statement of the quality of services provided. Our hope is that someday this list will be very long indeed.

Many families continue to encounter problems in our area in seeking diagnosis as   there are no paediatricians in East Herts & area who are commissioned to provide FASD diagnosis.  This is clearly unacceptable, given the estimates that there may be as many as 3-6% of children born each year with FASD.  Our group is seeking to work with local structures to change this.  We list below paediatricians who have experience with FASD, but this does not mean they will be able to see all children at this time.

Local Paediatricians

Dr. Inyang Takon

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Takon encouraged the formation of and actively supports this group – she was our first speaker and gets frequent updates on our activities.  She has extensive expertise regarding FASD, including  the complex interrelationship with ADHD/medications.  Contact: Kerry-Jo Leyton: 01707 225056.

Dr. Paula Moore

Pediatric Consultant

Dr. Moore is experienced with FASD.  She has a focus on looked after children and an understanding of the complexity of their needs.  Contact: Kerry-Jo Leyton: 01707 225056.

Additional Support

Hertfordshire Adoption Support Services – The team includes social workers and professional assistants specialising in adoption issues. Working alongside the social workers in the team we have specialist input from a play therapist and Sensory Intervention Attachment Occupational Therapist. We also access specialist knowledge on education, financial issues, disability and other areas that you may need support with. See also Adoption Support Information Pack.

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) has been established because many families need some kind of therapeutic support following adoption and too many have struggled to get the help they need in the past.  Additional information from First4Adoption.


Positive behaviour, Autism, Learning disability and Mental health Service (PALMS) – PALMS websiteLeaflet; PALMS works across the county providing a specialist multi-disciplinary approach to children and young people aged 0-19 who have a global learning disability and/or autistic spectrum disorder and their families.

Speech and Language Therapy – Kids with FASD often benefit from Speech and Language Therapy.  There are regular drop-in clinics for pre-school kids.  If you are having trouble accessing Speech and Language Therapy, check out these referral guidelines (it includes a list of milestones).  This service “operates an open referral policy. This means that anybody can refer to us except that an ENT referral is needed for all voice problems and a referral from a GP, Consultant, Health Visitor or other relevant health professional within the multidisciplinary team, e.g. Dietician, is needed for all feeding difficulties.”

Occupational Therapy – Kids with FASD often benefit from Occupational Therapy.  Trained Occupational Therapists can help provide tools and techniques to help with sensory issues and other aspects of daily life that kids with FASD find overwhelming.

Step2 (CAMHS) is an Early Intervention Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for children and young people in Hertfordshire aged 0-19.