You're not alone

Welcome to the Hertfordshire FASD Support Network

If you are in Hertfordshire, or surrounding areas, please join our growing support network for those who are affected by, caring for, or educating someone with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).  We hold bi-monthly informal discussions in a supportive environment.  Our innovative FASD Club welcomes young people with FASD in a supportive environment. We also provide links to resources for those seeking support services in the area.

We Are Here

We are here for each other, even if we cannot meet we are still very much active.

Sign up here if you want to join the WhatsApp group.

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The Hertfordshire FASD Support Network is a member of the FASD UK Alliance.

We are excited to announce we now have desk space in The National Organisation for FASD’s office in the Ware Priory.

Coming soon

New open house drop-in days and our new helpline, made possible due to support from a COVID Recovery Grant from East Herts Council.


of the population have FASD

Our support group is pleased to offer support to all in Hertfordshire who have FASD or suspected FASD and their families.

The most recent UK study indicates that 2-4% of the population have FASD. That means some 2,900 – 5,900 people in our area may be in need of recognition, support and diagnosis. 

We are grateful to East Herts Council for enabling us to provide support, training, and resources throughout East Herts on FASD recognition, prevention, and support through a 2021-22 COVID Community Recovery Grant. 

With the coming NICE Quality Standard on FASD and steps locally to put in place an FASD pathway, we expect the demand for our services will only increase.